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lostangelsfall whispered: Happy birthday Caro! I hope you have it good up there and meeting alot of awesome people. I really miss you and i think of you everyday
ellenharvelle whispered: I've been thinking about Caro a lot recently. I'm not sure why. I just wanted to send hugs your way, as you were so much closer to her than I ever was. Its been over 8 months now and I'm still devastated.

Thank you very much, I know exactly what you mean…

Anonymous whispered: Caro died the same day my dad did. I like to think that my daddy saw her and told her that he had a girl about her age and then he comforted her and hopefully she felt a little better. It sucks for someone to die that young. There is so much she should have been able to do, and it hurts that she cant. Rest In Peace, you wont be forgotten.
theunsuspectingmoose whispered: Dearest Caro -- I didn't follow you, or talk to you, but after reading all the messages that friends and followers have sent, I was moved to tears, and I truly feel as though you were a beautiful person. Know that you are being thought of everyday. And that you will be forever remembered, and immortalized through this blog. Rest in peace. May Bobby, Castiel, Kevin, Gabriel, and all the other angels up there take care of you. All my love and best wishes to the family, and friends. xx
matt-smith whispered: sorry to bother whoever is still running this account (which i am thankful for by the way) but could you tell me the date of Caro's death of you know it? I want to remember her on that day. I still miss her, and although we were close i wish i had spoken to her more than I did.

The date is the 25th November 2013. Thank you for not getting annoyed of us running her blog btw.  There are a few people who want us to stop

Anonymous whispered: rest in peace caro. say hello to your angel friends for me <3
plaideangel whispered: this has nothing to do with me and i have no reason to give input where it isn't needed, but I want to offer my condolences. May you find reassurance and tranquility elsewhere Caro, blessings on you and those around you
eroticsam whispered: I never knew Caro and it deeply saddens me that her life came to such a sudden end. I will pray for her soul and I'm sure she is happy wherever she is. You two are amazing friends for doing this for her :) R.I.P Caro. You will be missed.
waillydia whispered: i still miss you, and i think about you every day
Anonymous whispered: caro, you are pure and good and blessed by god and you will find love and peace now. goodnight.
officialdestiel whispered: I need you
Anonymous whispered: i never heard about Caro or her blog until i saw the "RIP Caro" on the tab of one of my favorite blogs. i have no idea what happened and how, but it still saddens me that she's gone. for anyone who mourns her - i'm sorry for your loss <3

Thank you very much

cuddlingmisha whispered: I am so sorry for your loss. I have been following Caro for as long as I can remember, but I never had the fortune of having a conversation with her. She deserved so much better than this, and I wish she was still here to live out her beautiful life. I know she is in a better place now, surrounded by angels looking after her. She seemed like a beautiful, wonderful person and again, I am so sorry for your loss<333 RIP Caro, your beautiful angel. You will be missed.

I’ve never met you, I’ve never known you. But my friend is weeping and you mean a lot. May you be one with the stars and forever shine bright in our hearts.

tao-bitchslap whispered: Es ist kein Jahr her gewesen, dass ich sie kennen lernen durfte, und es ist auch keines her, dass ich mich von ihr verabschieden musste. Ich kann es bis heute noch nicht glauben, vor allem die Tatsache, dass ich ohne Meike nie etwas davon erfahren hätte. Oder erst sehr spät, durchs finden ihres Blogs. Es ist unglaublich, wie viele Leute sich in diesem Blog inzwischen von ihr verabschiedet haben. Und gleichzeitig zerreist es mir mein Herz ein wenig. Mit viel Liebe - Ramona.

Es haben sich in der Tat schon sehr viele verabschiedet. Bestimmt 300 follower -wenn nicht,mehr- haben das interesse an einem totem Blog verloren. Das finde ich besonders schlimm. Hab dich lieb, Ramona, (sorry dass ich momentan kein Whatsapp habe). -Meike